Even if you feel like the other people involved are never going to change.

This book isn't just a bunch of pretty ideas that only work in theory. This book takes a hands-on approach and gives you 25 tools to start making changes right now! With relatable examples and easy-to-understand explanations, you'll be able to start implementing these tools immediately. If you're in a blended family...this book might be the most important book you ever read.
Mindy Neal — Master Certified Relationship Coach & Blended Family Expert
From the desk of Mindy Neal
Lehi, Utah

My Dear Friend, 

Blending families is hard. Like ridiculously hard. So hard that, after telling someone what I do, I often hear things like "Oh, I had a sister who attempted blending families once." This breaks my heart. We shouldn't have to merely "attempt" something that is so important to us. This is our marriage and family we're talking about. And we shouldn't have to face a 70% blended family marriage divorce rate. It's high time there was some help for blended families... and here it is. 

Introducing Unblended

This is not some fluffy self-development book that makes you feel good inside but doesn't actually give you any actionable or proven advice. It won't give you advice that only works in traditional families (as is so often the case). And it won't give you advice that only works if the other adults involved (your spouse, your ex, etc) are on the same page and willing to give 100% to help you. 

The exact methods I'll be giving you are the same ones I used to move myself from drowning in pain to living my best life. And I did it all on my own, without my husband doing the work alongside me.

If these methods worked for me, they can help you too.

Now obviously, I can't promise that you'll read the book and results will magically shower down from the sky. It took a lot of hard work to get myself here. It will take a lot of hard work to get yourself where you want to be. But it does work. And not just for me!

I have helped thousands of parents create the peace, joy, and unity they've been craving while leaving the pain, frustration, and resentment behind.

So with that said, let me tell you...
Delivered as an ebook

What the book is like

At 142 pages, this book doesn't have room to waste with nonessential blather. 

It's easy to read. 

Everything is boiled down to it's simplest form so it can be easily understood and applied. You'll get through the material quickly and then immediately want to start over so you can dive deeper into the exercises. It will likely become one of your favorite reference books that you revisit over and over again.

And...SURPRISE! It will transform way more than your blended family.

What you will learn in this book will be equally effective in ALL your relationships.

One of my clients completely transformed her 50-year relationship with her mother — something she thought was absolutely impossible. Others have used it on their relationships with co-workers, friends, and sister-in-laws. 

It doesn't matter if most of your struggles are with your spouse, your kids, your step-kids or your exes... these tools work on all of them. No matter what the issues are. 

The biggest surprise will likely be your relationship with yourself and how much that impacts every single area your life.

Here are some of the gems you'll be getting...

  • Why blending families isn't working and what to do about it, page 14
  • ​​How to get all your needs met, page 97
  • A Powerful tool you can use to solve any problem, page 32
  • ​Tips & Tricks for holidays and vacations that you don't want to miss, page 117
  • ​The REAL problem in your blended family (hint: it's not your stepkids or your exes), page 27
  • ​How to choose what you want, and then actually get it, all pages
  • ​The real reason you react the way you do...and how to react differently if you want to, page 31
  • ​How to stop feeling disrespected, frustrated, or annoyed by your stepkid's behavior, page 46
  • ​​The single greatest gift you can give to your spouse (and how it will transform your marriage), page 95
  • ​The #1 secret to a successful blended family in two simple words, page 43
  • ​How to finally let go of all that baggage you've been carrying around from the past, page 77
  • ​A sneaky saboteur wreaking havoc in your family and how to spot it, page 51
  • ​​The ONE simple rule that can eliminate fights with your spouse, page 106
  • Tools to take your sex life to the next level (even if you don't currently want to have sex), page 104
  • ​How to stop being confused about what kind of stepmom you're supposed to be, page 136
  • ​Why it's critical to stop people-pleasing and actually do what you want to do (and how to feel great about it), page 91
  • ​The true source of most of your current pain (and how to get out of that pain), page 62
  • ​How to set and hold healthy boundaries, page 142
  • ​What's keeping you stuck where you are (and how to move forward), page 79
  • ​How to get the most powerful tool on the planet to work for you, rather than against you, page 87
  • ​Something you're doing right now that you must stop doing immediately (only if you want to be happy 😉), page 100
  • ​​What to do when you feel triggered, page 55
  • ​A super simple practice that will transform your relationship in record time, page 103
  • ​​How to stop living by other people's rules, page 61
  • ​The secret to eliminating all the worry from your life, page 108
  • ​​How to use permission slips to get to the next level, page 89
  • Steps you must take before deciding if this marriage is what you want or not, page 110
  • ​The problem with most "expert" advice on blended families, page 113
  • ​How to stop letting the exes have so much power over you, page 128
  • ​​The truth about what your blended family is supposed to be like, page 74
  • ​Awesome reasons blended families are amazing and how to make them even better, page 132
And so much more...

The best part is that this approach is...

Specifically Designed So That You Can Change Things All On Your Own

One of the biggest problems I've always had with relationship experts is their reliance on both partners. I mean, yes, if your spouse is on board and is actually capable of doing this with you (doesn't have his own trauma holding him back) - that's incredible. It will be easier. Everything in this book will be even more powerful for you. 

But too many of us have partners who are either unwilling or unable to do what needs to be done. If it takes two, and your spouse isn't all in with you, you're left a powerless victim. You can't have what you want because of them. 

I'm here to tell you that's nonsense. You absolutely can.  You can completely transform your marriage and family into something almost unrecognizable all by yourself. 

When You Start Using the Tools in this Book, Here's What Will Happen: 

Your husband will keep doing what he does. Your stepkids will keep doing what they do. Your exes will keep doing what they do. 

But you will have a completely different experience. 

It will feel like absolutely everything is different and nothing is, all at the same time. 

You will have these weird moments where something will happen and you'll feel like you're in the twilight zone because you aren't following the pattern you've followed so many times. It's different. 

You'll start feeling more peace, more love, more joy.... and less frustration, less hurt, less resentment. 

And Then...

You'll start to notice little shifts in other people. 

Your husband will do something he's never done before.

And you'll know that you're affecting the system. 

At This Point

You'll know you can do anything. That the marriage you've always wanted really is possible. That you have the tools you need to create it. And it's only a matter of time. 

You don't need to worry about another divorce. You don't need to worry about the future. And you don't need to resign yourself or settle for something that isn't what you want. 

Here's What To Do Next

The cost of this book is $7.99, and you'll get it right away as a download (in both kindle and pdf formats). 

You can access it anywhere, immediately, whenever you want, without having to wait for the mailman. 

Oh, and in case you're wondering... 

YES! This WILL Work For You Too!!!

It works equally well for ALL blended family situations. There are no exceptions.

That's because what you'll be learning is grounded in basic human needs and psychology that relates to everyone.

That doesn't mean every person I've taken through this process has stayed happily married. Most do, but some marriages aren't meant to be saved. For the few who decide to end their marriage, this method enabled them to end it with love, peace, and confidence rather than anger, fear, or powerlessness. 

Right about now you might be thinking "this sounds too good to be true," but rest assured...

There Is. No. Catch... AND There's More...

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Audio files delivered direct so you can listen on any device.

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Bonus #2 - Difficult Conversations

How to Have Difficult Conversations

During this training you will learn the steps to help you master difficult conversations with your spouse. No more pretending things are fine. No more walking on eggshells. No more arguments that lead nowhere. Learn how to have conversations that move your relationship and your family forward. This is the process I use today each and every time I want to talk to my hubby about something important. This training alone can completely change your marriage.

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The 21-Day Should Challenge

There is a LOT of amazing information in Unblended and you might feel a little overwhelmed with where to start. This 30-day challenge will give you easy, bite-sized nuggets to implement each day to help you get started. 

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Bonus #4 - Quick, Easy & Lasting Change

Inherent Identity: How To Bypass Your Brain and Create Lasting Change Instantly

(Without Being Hypnotized or Having a Near Death Experience)

From Habit Expert Tyson Bradley

You know all the stories you hear about people almost dying or being told they have cancer and all of a sudden they completely transform their life. They quit smoking, they love more, they pursue their dreams… 

Well, that kind of instant change is available, and you don’t have to face death to create it. You just need to access an unknown neural network that allows for instant transformation. 

In this presentation with Tyson, you’ll learn the step-by-step process for how to do this so you can apply the Unblended tools on a whole new level and see results in your marriage and family much faster.

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Bonus #5 - Up Level Your Romance

30 Romantic Love Language Tips from Romance Coach Josie McEwen

Take your marriage to the next level by intentionally adding in some romance. These romantic tips will help you easily speak your spouse's love language, even if you think you can't do it or if it feels unnatural to you, and will teach you simple ways to connect deeply with your spouse.

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Here's My Guarantee: 

I 100% guarantee that you'll love this book. 

If for some reason you don't find it useful, I'll refund you the full $7.99. No questions asked. 

Just shoot my support staff an email (support@mindynealcoaching.com) and we'll refund you asap. 

Get Your Copy Of Unblended Now!

See you on the inside, 

Mindy "The Blended Family Whisperer" Neal

P.S. Recap of this super-long page for those who hate reading: 
  • I took myself from drowning in pain in my blended family to living my best life.
  • In the process, I figured out all the tips, tricks, hacks, and tools required to create a successful blended family and a life full of peace and joy.
  • For just $7.99 you can get the book I wrote teaching how I did it, including 25 tools that will help you start changing things in your blended family right now.
  • ​Also, if you get the book today, I'll toss in 5 extra bonuses. One from me teaching you how to have difficult conversations with your spouse, another from habit expert Tyson Bradley teaching you how to apply the tools in this book quickly and effortlessly, another from romance expert Josie McEwen teaching you how to purposely put some romance into your marriage, a 30-day challenge to get you started, and an audiobook version of the book if you prefer listening over reading.
  • ​You can try the book and the bonuses for 1 full year. If you don't like them for whatever crazy reason, I'll refund you the $7.99.